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About Embodied Birth

Learn more about our teachers: Nekole Shapiro &  Kathryn Julia

As with too many facets of our lives, birth has been disconnected from the continuity of most everything else we do; this disconnect can be seen within the lives of individuals and in the larger social context. Birthing bodies are all too often disconnected from the great power that resides within them; the power to grow and bear life is the greatest power in the world!  We desperately need to reconnect with this power.  For ages societies have hidden the realities of birth from the public.  While birthing we may want solitude but this once highly valued life transition has fallen out of the common public domain.  Most children are reared completely unaware of where they came from.  Paretners are often so segregated from anything that involves birth they feel completely disconnected from their process of becoming a parent.  The result is a society befuddled, confused and often terrified by this greatest of all powers.  

We can reintegrate this power for us.  As it is that the continuation of our species depends on our bodies to conceive and birth the next generations, so does the continuation of our species depend on  us accessing this Power of Birth.  As we are given more tools and utilize these tools to Integrate our power through out our bodies and psyches, society will gain access to it as well.  We ARE the gate keepers!  The tools each of us need to do this work and the outcomes of it are as unique as the children we bear.  It is the Weaving process of this power into the recesses of our individual and social lives that will Heal us from wounds long forgotten.  Let us help you find your threads and start weaving.  

An Introduction to Embodied Birth
Our human experience is deliciously deep.  It is impossible to affect one aspect of ourselves without affecting another.  Our parts are woven together like a tapestry.  When I hold my baby and feel love, my body undergoes a change, my spirit is affected and my mind is altered.  When I am embodied, I am aware of all of this as it happens and can feel it in every cell of my being.  When I am embodied, I feel my power.

Other than during her own birth or death, a birthing woman enters the most altered physiological state of her life.   Because we are an interconnected weave of human experience and expression, this altered physiological state is also an altered emotional, mental and spiritual state.  All of who we are is changing at a rapid pace as we labor and birth our babies, and again as our bodies get used to no longer housing a baby.  In this way, if I can embody the birthing experience, I can access a power greater than any I have felt before.

I utilize techniques that engage and integrate the body, mind, emotions and spirit when supporting a family to have a Embodied Birth experience.  Prior to pregnancy, I engage the mind in the process of learning what options are available to the family.  I cover topics such as: What type of birth does your insurance cover?   What birthing facilities are available in the area?  What care providers are available and will they interview?  I bring women into their physical bodies.  I ask them to become aware of their menstrual cycles, to get their bodies open via bodywork, breath work, yoga, dancing, and whatever mediums they like.  I invite them to investigate the parts of their body that will conceive and birth their baby.  With each aspect of what I teach, emotions may arise.  We pay close attention to them and allow room for them to be investigated.   These practices and many others facilitate birth embodiment prior to the birth itself.  It is preparation for birth.  It is preparation for parenthood.  It is preparation for the rest of your life.

If one life is deep, multiple lives interwoven together are cavernous.  Embodied Birth supports building the family unit before the child is conceived.  This means building the intimacy of the future parents.  I ask all partners to be present for all sessions.  We talk about how their relationship is doing and how each partner is feeling.  I engage them in practices to build their intimacy and of course give a good amount of juicy homework.  Building the primary parental relationships prior to conception and birth builds a strong foundation from which the family can grow and a new life can be fostered.

Embodied Birth is a model of birth support that aims to empower the family unit through holistic embodiment practices and intimacy building exercises.  Like labor and birth, it is fun, thrilling, hard, and fulfilling work with an outcome more powerful than you can imagine!  Let’s bring people’s attention to this reality.  Let’s prepare and support them to have an embodied birthing experience.  Holistic preparation and support can facilitate a birthing experience that connects us to our power and heals us from the shackles that previously kept us from it.