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Nekole Shapiro combines an intimate understanding of the body with an education in the sciences to bring forth some of the most definitive and revolutionary information in the field of birth today. Participants in The Ecstatic Birth Foundation Series and Body Series cited her sessions as one of the most accessible and compelling in the curriculum. Soak her in-- it is a life-changing experience!” Sheila Kamara-Hay, Founder, Ecstatic Birth TeleSummit -


”I was surprised how much I learned [at Clitoral Revelations] and certainly understand why a woman that is birthing should be in touch with the sexual side of her body, with the right environment and loving touch.”  As Ina May says ‘the baby should come out the same way the baby went in!’” Childbirth Educator and Doula.


"Our experience with Nekole is something we will remember for the rest of our lives and not only because she helped bring our daughter into the world. We thank her from the bottom of our hearts because she was instrumental in making our birth experience exactly what we wished for, a non-medicated natural water birth. Had she not been there, I may not have been able to summon the courage that I did. I may have given in and transferred to the hospital when I hit a brick wall of exhaustion after 30 hours of labor.  Even my midwife was beginning to worry about my progress. I remember at one point I said, “My spirit is gone.” I was so fatigued and definitely stuck in the middle of labor.  But Nekole knew I had more power within me, she knew I had more energy, and she knew that I could do it. She had the voice that I couldn’t find. She knew just the right things to say and the right things to do get me to believe in myself again as well as miraculous massaging hands to relieve the pain of contractions. She even took some amazing birth photos for us. All around one the most incredible people I have met and we were so lucky to have her as our doula. When we are ready for a second child, we will have her as our doula again in a heartbeat. Thank you Nekole!" Mama of a beautiful baby girl


“My partner and I had an amazing experience with Nekole Shapiro both in preparing for giving birth and as our doula while I was in labor. If I could do any thing over again, it would be to have hired her on sooner. The meetings we had with her while I was pregnant were very comfortable and easy going. She was great at meeting both of us where we were each at with our comfort levels of bringing someone new into the birthing room with us. The thing I loved the most about our preparations with Nekole, was the partner massage practice we did to get the three of us into a groove of touching and communication ahead of time. We were able to establish a way for the three of us to communicate with each other so as to assist me as much as possible during labor. It was great to be able to practice things like this in advance. While in labor I really trusted Nekole and knew that she was there for me at every moment. Whenever we tell our birth story, the part my partner emphasizes the most was Nekole’s unwavering strength and ability to perform low back presses for just about every one of my contractions. A lot of upper body strength goes into doing those and she never let me down. With Nekole, you get physical support and relief in the form of massage and body work, as well as her expertise in the birthing room. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for a “wholistic” birth experience, and I recommend getting her involved as early as you can (even while you are still thinking of getting pregnant if possible) and planning on having her be a postpartum doula for you as well.” Audrey McManus, Babeland Education Coordinator


My session with Nekole exceeded my expectations. Going into my first session, I didn't know what to expect. Nekole and I are colleagues, we met recently on a trip to Seattle and I love the very necessary conversation her work is creating in the birth world, locally in the US and around the world. I trusted my instincts to make the appointment with her and I am so glad I did. As a woman who is dedicated to transforming the dominant paradigm of birth, I realize that continued commitment to my own transformation and the expression of the divine feminine is necessary and paramount in order to hold the energy necessary to continue growing as a person, as well as growing my work. The space Nekole held for me was safe and sacred, like a wise and womanly friend. I felt I could just let it all hang out emotionally and go into terrain that was deep and ancient and ultimately incredibly healing. I emerged from the session feeling very free, empowered and grateful! I am looking forward to continuing this vital work with Nekole.”

Stephanie Dawn, ALSP, Founder, Sacred Birth Work


“I stayed over at work last night to help an awesome woman have her first VBAC! It was very emotional and really hard work, I had to dig really deep to help her connect with her inner power and believe in herself. I kept thinking of your messages at Birth Uncut, and that I was raising the oxytocin in the room, the midwife said the same thing. It was tough, but feels so great to have made a difference in her life, especially considering that she plans to have a few more babies, now they can be VBAC's too. Anyway, I really appreciate you and the things that you forced me to think about. You rock!”  Labor and Delivery Nurse


[Your on-line Clitoral Revelations] was an amazing class. It became clear to me during the class that the parts that made me uncomfortable were the parts that would eventually offer healing. This class along with the embodiment class offer such an opportunity to get in touch with your "stuff" and begin to work through it . Thank you Nekole!” Doula and mother


“My experience with Nekole was almost indescribable. I actually hadn’t planned on having her at my birth but with a turn of events my midwife brought Nekole along to support her and help in the birth. I had met Nekole numerous times and knew her, but was shocked when she showed up during my labor. At first I was upset because I wanted only certain people in my birth circle. I had been preparing for my second birth in a much different way than I had my first and so I wanted every person there to have a purpose and to be someone I was comfortable with. Little did I know, that Nekole was EXACTLY what I needed. There was so much skill and energy that she brought to my birth. Once I embraced the fact that she was going to be there for this sacred experience, I immediately went to her for a hug and a contraction started as we were embracing.  I knew, at that moment, that she was needed at this birth. Her massage therapy background was an asset I will never forget. She would put her hands on my back or hips and work through each contraction with my body. My body and her hands worked like magic together. Her encouragement during my labor was subtle but just enough to keep me going strong. Just the way she would talk about my body and its beauty made me labor with confidence. Nekole is all about birthing in a new paradigm. She knows how to hold space and give confidence to women and their bodies. I will never forget my second birth experience and would encourage all women to birth with the power they contain within them.”

Jill Pollard Mama of two beautiful children


“I highly recommend Nekole Shapiro as a pregnancy, birth, and postpartum doula/coach/massage therapist, and here's why...

My husband and I consciously chose to conceive our child and we wanted to work with someone who understood the importance of that decision, and was willing to work with us on all aspects of our development as parents (psychological, emotional, physical, sexual, and spiritual).

We wanted a doula who believed the father should play an integral part in the process of bringing a child into the world; someone who would give him the respect and voice that he deserved as the father.

We wanted a doula who was sex, touch, and body positive; someone who could address all our questions or concerns without embarrassment or judgment.

We wanted a doula who had experienced childbirth herself and viewed it as a spiritual experience, giving it the reverence we believed it deserved.

I wanted someone who could provide me with intense musculoskeletal bodywork and help me bring more awareness to how my body was changing and would continue to change.

I wanted a natural birth and someone who would be a vocal proponent of that approach; someone who could stand up to birth center staff/the midwife and advocate for us while we were engrossed in the birth process.

Nekole has been with us at every step of our childbirth experience; we began seeing her when I was about two months pregnant, she was present for the entire birth, and are still seeing her at eight months postpartum. This has been important for us in numerous ways. The psychological changes that occur at each phase of preparing for birth and parenthood are intense, layered, multi-faceted, and hard. There is a lot of grieving, fear, uncertainty, and doubt in addition to the exhilaration, excitement, and joy—and each part of our bodies processes these changes at different speeds in discrete ways. Nekole has been a witness and a support to us through every phase, listening and giving advice, sharing ideas, and exploring ways in which we can more fully be with where we are—individually, as a couple, and as a family.

I can't recommend Nekole's approach highly enough; I believe every person should have the open, loving, supported, beautiful, mind-blowing birth they deserve, the one Nature meant them to have. The one their child deserves to have. What a wonderful first birth day present for your child and your family: to know you've prepared for that baby's arrival with the utmost care and attention. Nekole helped us do that and has continued to do it with every visit since our son's arrival. She gets birth at a basic, cosmic level, and I believe she can help facilitate that for anyone.”

Christina Dietrich and Brendan Perkins


"I love you for being there for all the women who are detached from their bodies and their sexuality. Thank you for being the driving momentum behind this simply wonderful movement. Your website is outstanding. Your video is amazing.  Like mother, like daughter. Nekole, and team, my hat's off to you! Greatness is creating a path where no one has gone before. Blessings!"

Dustin Ebesu, LMT