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Embodied Birth Resources

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Below is a list of materials to help you find your way to an EMBODIED BIRTH!

Other Sources for Clitoral Anatomy:

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Other Sources for Creating Intimacy with Your Partners:

Sexual Secrets: The Alchemy of Ecstasy. Nik Douglas and Penny Slinger.
New York: Destiny Books, 1979.

Other Books

Dr. Sprinkle's Spectacular Sex: Make Over Your Love Life with One of the World's Great Sex Experts. Annie Sprinkle. New York: Jeremy P. Tarcher/Penguin, 2005.

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Articles Sourced from Medical Journals
Helen E. O’Connell, John M. Hutson, Colin R. Anderson, Robert J. Plenter “Anatomical relationship between urethra and clitoris”.. The Journal of Urology. Volume 159, Issue 6, June 1998, Pages 1892-1897.

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Websites For Female Sexual Empowerment and Anatomy:
Accord Allianace:
Accord Alliance's mission is to promote comprehensive and integrated approaches to care that enhance the health and well-being of people and families affected by DSD (disorders of sex development) by fostering collaboration among all stakeholders. In 2006, a consensus for a new paradigm of care for people diagnosed with "intersex" conditions was developed by 50 international experts and patient advocates. Accompanied by a change in nomenclature referring collectively to these conditions as disorders of sex development (DSD),

About Kids Health – animation  of sexual development

About Kids Health – animation of female genital anatomy development

About Kids Health – animation of male genital anatomy development

All things Yoni: <> Attributed to Fox Internet Services @1998-2009
Amazing website with lots of medical journal references and great charts and graphs

The Clitoris During Intercourse. Catherine Yronwode. November 2008.

Female Genital Cutting Education and Networking Project: Get up to date information on the latest information on female genital mutilation and get involved in the activism to stop it.

Isis Media – G Spot and Female Ejaculation. Deborah Sundahl. November

Love Without Limits With Deborah Anapol – Tantra, Polyamory, The New Love Without Limits. Deborah Anapol. November 2008.

Vulva and Vagina. All about the clitoris, labia, vulva, & vagina. Jan

Women, Sexuality, Politics, News, Culture and Liberation. Betty Dodson and Carlin Ross. November 2008. <>

Websites For Divine Feminine, Baubo & Sheila Na Gig: