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Embodied Birth Level 1

Education + Embodiement = Empowerment
4 days usually 2 weekends

“I once heard that birth has the potential to be about 7 years’ worth of meditation to the human body.  I truly believe this now.”  Sarah L. in Orgasmic Birth


Combine Embodiment Practices, Intimacy Exercises & Childbirth Education in an environment of complete self acceptance and you have Embodied Birth.  Embodied Birth Level 1 is the beginning of a path that recognizes BIRTH as a transformational experience that can heal you from your deepest wounds and deeply connect you to yourself and your family. These two weekends are designed to give you a taste of the knowledge and state that are BIRTH. You will become more connected to your own body and those around you.  You will learn how and why these skills help you facilitate birthing experiences that will leave families empowered as they embark upon the greatest spiritual endeavor of their lives....parenthood.

If you are planning on being a parent one day are or want to be a birth worker or you work with families in any capacity, you will find Embodied Birth Level 1 a great asset!

We look forward to sharing an Oxytocin Loop with you :).

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