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Holistic Peer Counseling for BIRTH and Parenting Course

Join our Network of Peer Counselors focused on BIRTH and Parenting

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Holistic Peer Counseling is Do It Yourself (DIY) technology. This means every person who takes the course learns the skills. In this way, the person being counseled is always the primary locus of control. They know the skills being used on them and they themselves decide to utilize their triggers as catalysts for healing or not. This also means that taking HPC involves both counseling and clienting. It breaks us out of the dynamic of, "I am healer" and "you heal me". It recognizes that we all have the ability to give and receive loving attention that provides an opportunity for healing. This is not to say that this is an easy process. Some of us are far better at receiving than giving and visa versa. This course is challenging and rewarding for all who engage in the materials and practices. It is far from a quick fix solution. 

In Holistic Peer Counseling for Birth and Parenting you learn a way of interacting with BIRTH and with children that is not often taught. You also become part of a network of peer counselors who can support you when things get tough. In this Information Age we can become scholars on any topic, but true embodiment and support are the pieces that stand between confusion and love. 

In HPC for BIRTH and Parenting we integrate peer counseling skills and embodiment practices and focus them on topics related to the perinatal period of life and parenting.  Learn a new way of being that allows you to identify your distress patterns and ways to mature past them.  Become part of a growing community of peer counselors who can be available to you when your distress patterns start to take over your life.  This class changes people’s lives!  Try it out and see for yourself....

Holistic Peer Counseling is a system adapted from Re-evaluation Counseling.  In HPC we learn that distress patterns need attention to heal.  We will practice holding space for these distress patterns.  We learn how to both be a client and be a counselor.  We will heal and facilitate healing for others.  


What people are saying…

“"I'm starting to think HPC should be a prerequisite for adulthood!" Mama, Birth and Body Worker"

“"I think the reason it is so hard to explain what HPC is to people is that on the other side what you get is yourself. You can't tell people the 1-2-3s of how to get to themselves and you can't know what they will get on the other side until they get there and get to meet themselves." Grandmother, Mother and Birth Worker "

"Thank you for doing this!” Sunni Karll author Sacred Birthing: Birthing a New Humanity


"HPC has permeated my conduct from professional life to the bedroom. It has improved my ability to relate from macro- to micro-. As a nurse practitioner, I took my HPC skills right to the exam room and supported my patients in a way that felt real and at the same time safe and nourishing. It has changed the way I consume news and current events; I feel more grounded in what I understand to be real versus what is hype. In my relationships, I feel like I can be a better and more present friend to the people I value and treasure most in my life without being overwhelmed or burned out. Thank you Nekole and HPC!"

"You must check out this workshop.  As a fellow doula, mother and friend of the birth community I recommend this to anyone in the birth field. This content should be integrated into doula trainings! I loved it so much I'm taking it again! Well worth the price. It has made me a better doula, advocate, mother and person in general!! Don't pass this up!"

“HPC has been a lifesaver!  It has changed the way I talk to myself.  I sit in front of the mirror and HPC myself often.  Thank you for that ♥."

“Taking this a second time, I noticed that when I took a break from my weekly peer counseling sessions I wasn’t able to give my children as much attention.”

"I highly recommend HPC. I am a doula and mother of four. I used to feel very isolated. Being a parent is very demanding and doula work can be emotionally very difficult. HPC has given me a community that does not judge me or tries to tell me how to live my life. I think that every mother deserves to have a place where she can be free to say, I am struggling, I am depressed, I am angry, I need help from my peers. And also a place where you can brag about her accomplishments and not be judged as being egocentric. HPC, has helped me grow as a person. I am no longer holding onto false thoughts, Like Im not good enough, people don't like me etc. I'm truly grateful for this course!"

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** This class is taught by Nekole Shapiro of Embodied Birth.  It was co-created with Kristen Rawson of, Rev. Teri Ciacchi, MSW of the Living Love Revolution and Sarah Hartzell, MSW.