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Sexuality and Birth

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Putting the pieces back together.......

Once 5 people or more register, we will schedule a class
available live or via webinar / $50

Give yourself a gift and take this class! As a woman thinking about getting pregnant, I found the class helped me create a framework and path towards pregnancy.  While there are tons of books out there, you are not going to find what Embodied Birth is talking about.  Thank you Nekole for dedicating your life to this work.”
- A beautiful maiden

Guess what: Sex and Birth are related!  The parts of the body, the hormones, the muscles, the brainwave and altered states all correlate.  Take this class and you will learn not only how to become more conscious, engaged and embodied during your sexual and birthing experiences, you will also learn how interrelated these things are!  You will learn how to have more fun and increase your intimacy with your partner while increasing your ability to have an amazing birthing experience!  Join us!  Lively discussion always ensues.

Because we @ Embodied Birth know Education + Embodiment = Empowerment, Embodiment exercises are incorporated into the class to help you get this knowledge into all of your cells...not just those in your cerebral cortex.

Price: $50.00