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Embodied Birth (in the flesh) Curriculum

Our program is intended for anyone who has been or may find themselves in a birthing room.  YES that does mean YOU!

Our method teaches birth professionals, future parents and people with unresolved birth trauma to connect with their bodies and to the physiology of BIRTH.  This transformational work is already helping people turn fear into strength and denial into knowledge.   Join us and see the power of our program for yourself!

Embodied Birth Level 1 - 28hrs
A childbirth and labor doula education workshop woven together with embodiment practices.

Holistic Peer Counseling for BIRTH and Parenting - 30hrs
Provides peer counseling tools that recognize the connection between body, mind and spirit.

MORE OXYTOCIN PLEASE!  Increasing Intimacy in the Birthing Room - 7hrs
(approved for 7 CEUs from the International Childbirth Educators Association, Lamaze pending)
Teaches the science of Oxytocin while providing strategies that increase it in the birthing room.
To view a 45min online video version of miniMORE OXYTOCIN PLEASE, click here

Sexuality and Birth - 4hrs
Reconnects the topics of Sexuality and Birth.

Embracing the Menstrual Cycle - 5hrs
Teaches the science of the menstrual cycle while providing skills for you to embrace the wisdom of its ebbs and flows.

Know the Muscles of Childbirth - 14hrs
A massage school style class on the tissues beyond the uterus. 

Clitoral Revelations - 5hrs
5 hours of complete revelation about the gateway to life!
To view a 1:45min
online video version of Clitoral Revelations, click here

Vulvic Explorations - 4hrs
The hands on class follow up Clitoral Revelations.

For more info on our Embodied Birth Curriculum email