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Clitoral Revelations

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Walk away from your shame and walk head on into your POWER!

Participants are clothed at all times during this class
May 12th 12noon-5pm  @ a private residence in Portland

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-- “Huh?.......oh...........WOOOOW!” Medical Researcher and mom of 2


--“This was an amazing class. It became clear to me during the class that the parts that made me uncomfortable were the parts that would eventually offer healing. This class along with the embodiment class offer such an opportunity to get in touch with your "stuff" and begin to work through it . Thank you Nekole!” Doula and mother


-- ”I was surprised how much I learned and certainly understand why a woman that is birthing should be in touch with the sexual side of her body, with the right environment and loving touch.”  As Ina May says ‘the baby should come out the same way the baby went in!’” Childbirth Educator and Doula.


-- “Thank you for creating such a safe place to learn such important information! Everyone really needs to take this class!” Stay at home Mom of 2


Clitoral Revelations A Sex-Positive, No-Nonsense Guided Tour to All Things Clit! 

One axis of the Embodied Birth experience is the embodiment of the womb and all its adjacent parts. A mother who can bring her awareness to her pregnant and birthing womb will come to know an empowerment like none other. Partners of these mothers can merge with the power of this event and themselves be transformed. When we have been fostered in a culture that treats womb power as though it were invisible we need to update what we think we know about this powerhouse anatomy. Clitoral Revelations in a class designed to begin this process.

We illuminate the historical context from which most of our beliefs come while rebirthing the herstory that is all too often forgotten. You walk away with the most up-to-date anatomical and physiological information from medical and grass-roots sources. We practice basic clothes-on embodiment exercises and hold space for our generous teacher-models as they use Dr. Banning Vail's Personal Pelvic Viewer to show us their most vulnerable and powerful parts. There is time set aside for discussion and processing because many find updating their understanding of the womb rich with opportunity for transformation. Let us hold space for you as you expand your world of possibility! And remember....Clitoral Revelations is only the beginning!

Teri Ciacchi and the Clitoral Revelations teaching team create a safe and honoring witnessing of female genital anatomy. Join us as we provide a fun, educational exploration of the anatomy and physiology of the clitoris in order to increase your understanding and restore a sacred context to female sexuality.

Class includes:

* Overview of Clitoral History and Sociology
* Current medically accurate clitoral anatomy & language
* Effects of trauma and armoring on genital embodiment
* Breath as a foundation for connection & trust in our life force
* Lecture, powerpoint, break out groups and lively discussion!


This class honors our experience first. Then we consider the science being presented about the yoni and delve into the mystery of things we are still learning. What is an orgasm? Is there a g-spot? The entire class takes place in a context of sacred sexuality. Our teaching team models presence and embodiment that creates balance, awareness and safety for everyone.

The creatrix of this class is Rev. Teri Ciacchi, MSW of The Living Love Revolution.  It is currently taught and contributed to by Teri, Nekole Shapiro of Embodied Birth and Celia Waddell of The Center for Sex Positive Culture. Invaluable contributions have been made by Robyn Lynn of The Present Sense, Dr. Banning Vail, Carrie Lanza, MSW and numerous Goddess models, authors, photographers, educaors and supporters of this powerful work.


Price: $150.00