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Embodied Birth Presentations and Press

Paradise Unbound: Aug 2013
Raising Kids Without Sexual Shame and Oxytocin/Dopamine Embodiment. 

Squatfest 2013: Aug 2013
Raising Kids Without Sexual Shame and Oxytocin Embodiment 

BOLD Action Blog: May 2013
Article: The Healing Activist The most powerful sustainable means of activism is through our own healing.

Human Rights in Childbirth Summit: April 2013
On the panel to address the effects of the persecution of midwives on the consumer. 

SQUAT Birth Journal:  Spring 2013 Issue
Article: My Friend Died: A story of how the war over women's bodies continues to kill 

BOLD Action Blog: Jan 2013
Article: What do you Want? An article on the difficult and skills needed to learn what you want.

Orgasmic Birth: Dec 2012
Article: Embodying the Clitoral Complex in BIRTH an explicit depiction of the anatomy of the birth canal embedded in an writen embodiment exercise.

WOMB Conference:  Summer 2012
Nekole Shapiro is one of 33 speakers interviewed by Kara Maria Ananda in 33 Weeks of Conscious Birth and Parenting Wisdom. 

EcoSex Symposium (Portland, OR):  Summer 2012
Nekole Shapiro is one of a host of presenters in a paradigm shifting weekend focused on the cross section of sexuality and environmentlism.  Nekole presents a mini version of Sexuality and Birth and faciliates a session on Raising Our Chilren Without Sexual Shame.

SQUAT Birth Journal:  Spring 2012 Issue
Article: Embodying the Clitoral Complex in BIRTH an explicit depiction of the anatomy of the birth canal embedded in an writen embodiment exercise.

Birth Uncut (Reno, NV): Nov 5th and 6th, 2011
Nekole Shapiro opened for Ricki Lake’s new movie THE VBAC DILEMMA and sat on a Q & A panel on Nov. 5th.  The following day she presented miniMORE OXYTOCIN PLEASE!  as part of an all day workshop that provided CEUs to CPMs, CBEs, and CDs



The Return of the Divine Feminine: Birth, Sex and Beyond:
Listen in on Veronica Monet of the Shame Free Zone, Teri Ciacchi of the Living Love Revlution and Nekole Shapiro of Embodied Birth discuss forces to help us evolve into the world we want to live in. What do orgasms, prositution, natural birth, tantra, bonobos, mycelia, bees, world peace, building new neural networks, sustainable permaculture and yoni worship all have in common?  Listen in and hear what they have to say.  (Nekole would like to apologie in advance for her potty mouth during this recording :))

To listen: click Part 1 and Part 2

Ecstatic Birth Tele-Summit
This Summit was created by Sheila Kamara Hay with an intention to “inspire and support women and birth service providers to raise their voices in an unwavering and collective “YES!” to all of these possibilities and more.”  With powerhouse presenters like Sheri Winston, Ina May Gaskin, Elena Tonetti-VladimirovaSarah Buckley, MD and other this event has been seriously rockin the world of BIRTH!  TantricBirth is thrilled and honored to be a part shakin’ things up with this crew!

SQUAT Camp (Seattle):  August 2010 Scenic Beach State Park
SQUAT Camp was AWESOME!!  These Radical Midwives are working hard to transform the birthing experience for women and families.  SQUAT Camp was more than fun; it was a healing experience for me.  The event brought us together from different corners of the continent to talk about the exalted (Whapio Diane Bartlett term) event of BIRTH.  Those who attended my workshop seemed on the edge of their seat to learn more about the EmbodiedBirth model and how to get MORE OXYTOCIN.  I canNOT wait to do it again next year!  For more info about SQUAT, click here

An Intro to TantricBirth* @
Miriam Zoila Perez Tweeted about my presentation at Sex 2.0 and I knew we needed to connect. She asked if I would write an article for her about TantricBirth. I thought it would be a great opportunity for me to formulate something for people who keep asking me, “What is TantricBirth* anyways?”. To read what I wrote, click here.

miniMORE OXYTOCIN PLEASE! @ The Northwest Doula Conference (Renton, WA):  May 2010 - 6.5 DONA CEUs were provided for the event
TantricBirth was honored to present at the 2010 Northwest Doula Conference.  The presentation was a rousing success with hands popping up with questions until the last minute.  Participants walked out with new information and a new understanding.  For more information on MORE OXYTOCIN PLEASE! Increasing Intimacy in the Birthing Room, click here.

Sexuality, Intimacy and Birth @ Sex 2.0 (Seattle, WA): May 2010
We brought the birth back to sex at Sex 2.0.  Nekole answered everything from “What is the difference between a doula and a midwife?” to “Will hospitals allow you to have a Ecstatic Birth?”  For more information on her classes about sexuality and birth, click here. 

What do birth and female empowerment have to do with each other? interview with Veronica Monet: March 2010
Listen to Veronica ask her magical questions of Nekole Shapiro in a one hour interview by visiting:  It is a fabulous dialog between two powerhouse women!



*note that TantricBirth was the former name of Embodied Birth