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Birth Embodiment (2wk access - 90min audio class)

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"I completed the Birth Embodiment class this past evening and I must say that this course is a refreshment! So many types of birth or birth healing education leave out the application of information. How can we meet ourselves where we are and come into a place where we can use the information we learn from the birth community, books, childbirth classes, our doula, or our care providers? How can we come to a place of healing and preparing for the next steps in regards to birth fear or trauma? How can we use our body to our advantage in birth instead of fearing how our body might fail us? This class provides tools to meet these questions head on. As a VBAC mother, I truly believe this class would be a tremendous resource for anyone planning VBAC or anyone who has experienced birth trauma and is planning to give birth again. As a birth professional, this class provides a way to be patient and attentive to our clients needs and not simply founts of overwhelming information. All of it is so applicable. I highly recommend it!" - Kelli B. Haywood MAT, LCCE founder of Birth True and the educator of Sacred Birth for the VBAC Mother classes and workshops.

"This short class was so potent for me, there were times I needed to step away in order to have my feelings." Mom and Birthworker 

Nekole Shapiro combines an intimate understanding of the body with an education in the sciences to bring forth some of the most definitive and revolutionary information in the field of birth today. Participants in The Ecstatic Birth Foundation Series and Body Series cited her sessions as one of the most accessible and compelling in the curriculum. Soak her in-- it is a life-changing experience!” Sheila Kamara-Hay, Founder, Ecstatic Birth TeleSummit -



This MP3 audio stream is Nekole's presentation on practices to fully inhabit the body and connect to its innate wisdom.  To partake in the entire Ecstatic Birth Tele-Summit Body Series click on the link.

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