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Raising Kids WIthout Sexual Shame Facilitated Discussion

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Imagine a world without sexual shame. Imagine a world accepting of all types of families. Imagine a world where children talk to their parents about the changes in their bodies and their sexual desires instead of looking to media for their sex education. If you are interested in making this world a reality, you won't want to miss: Raising Kids Without Sexual Shame.

We believe that life is a projection of our own inner state.  How could we possibly facilitate something for others if we ourselves do not possess it?  We also believe in the power of peer support.  So, Nekole Shapiro, the founder of Embodied Birth, and Allena Gabosch the director of the Center for Sex Positive Culture have structured this powerful series in a way that allows us to heal ourselves and with each other as we search for new ways to address sexuality and reproduction with our children.  If you are searching for a new way to address sexuality and reproduction with the coming generations and know or are willing to investigate the possibility that your own healing is the key to this change, you will NOT want to miss this series!

Example topics brought up by participants for us all to discuss:

  1. My 2 year old daughter likes to grab my penis

  2. My 9 year old son saw his other brother having sex

  3. My child’s classmate is transgendered

  4. My daughter’s preschool called CPS because she liked touching her vagina

  5. My pre-teen daughter asked for a push-up bra

Our discussions are open, supportive, deep and fun.  Come check it out.  You will not be disappointed and you will be doing yourself and your children a HUGE favor!


If you are interested in tools and a network to go deeper into this conversation or you want to faciliate a similar conversation in another location, we highly recommend you attend Holistic Peer Counseling for BIRTH and Parenting (remote access available). Click here for more info.