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Vulvic Explorations

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Revel in tissue rich with sensational opportunity

work in triads  1= vulva 2= hands 3= doula/scribe
if you need help forming a triad, click here

Can you be present in your body?  Can you be present with another person? Can you be present to other people while they are engaging in an activity?  Now….ask yourself these questions and imagine you are seated at the doorway to life.  Can you be in your body while your vulva is expanding to allow new life into this world?  Can you be present in your body while your partner’s vulva is expanding to allow new life to enter into this world?  Can you be present while a family is making room for a new being to come to our planet?

Vulvic Explorations brings people into their bodies and their experience while palpating one of the most powerful, sensitive and pleasurable parts of a woman’s body.  Created as the lab to our Clitoral Revelations class, this class in taught in a context like no other.   You work in a triad. One person is the vulva – this person’s anatomy will be explored.  One person is the hands – this person will use their hands to do the exploring.  The third person is the doula/scribe – they will get water, towels, write down notes and hold sacred space.  Each role provides powerful take home lessons relevant for sex, birth and truly all of life.

This class is truly a journey into your SELF.  By being more calmly connected to yourself, you can be more calmly connected to others.  Embodiment practices will drench you in Oxytocin prior to the exploration.  If at any moment you need to pause for loving attention because fears arise, we will hold space for you.   This is NOT a performance.  There is no goal….it is a journey.

This extremely popular workshop usually sells out. We recommend early registration.
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** This class has been created and is taught by Nekole Shapiro of Embodied Birth, Rev. Teri Ciacchi, MSW of The Living Love Revolution and Celia Waddell of The Center for Sex Positive Culture.

Price: $50.00