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Welcome to Embodied Birth on Demand

If you do not want to wait start your Embodied Birth journey, you have come to the right page!

Watch Sexuality and Birth - Online at any point in your Embodied Birth journey. The information in this class can help you integrate information you are learning in our other classes or in sessions.  It can also be a great introduction to our approach and philosophy. This is truly a not to miss class!

Learn more about the sadly underrepresented hormone...Oxytocin! Purchase our Oxytocin package which includes one video presentation: miniMORE OXYTOCIN PLEASE! and one audio file: Audio Oxytocin.  Learn why Oxytocin sessions are a critical aspect of the Embodied Birth Method and some clues into what these sessions could entail.

If you want to cut right to some of the most challenging material we cover at Embodied Birth, indulge yourself in Birth Embodiment.  This audio class packs quite a kick.  It includes an introduction to the Embodied Birth Method and a powerful meditation to connect you with your tissue rich with sensational opportunity.  

Birth Embodiment will leave you wanting to know more about the magnificent birth canal.  To answer your desire we take you on a herstorical and anatomical journey of the secret structures of the birth canal with Clitoral Revelations.

Most classes include at least one meditation practice. Use them for yourself and share them with others. 

Please remember that at this time information about the female reproductive system currently requires an age minimum of 18 years or parental consent.  Thus this is required to participate in Embodied Birth Online classes.

*note that Embodied Birth was previously named TantricBirth. This is why you will hear TantricBirth referred to in some of the online materials.